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Your people deserve to feel their best at work.

Work-Happy is a self-development platform which puts people in control of their happiness at work. By raising their self-awareness, guiding them to reflect in depth on the things that matter most and commit to doing one thing differently to kick-start positive change for themselves, Work-Happy creates sustainable change from within.

Equip everyone in your organisation to improve how they feel at work. After all it's amazing what we can all achieve when we feel happy at work.

Is your current approach to engagement engaging?

Be honest - how engaging is your current approach to engagement and happiness at work? Does it revolve around your survey process or your wellbeing agenda? Does it evoke a growth mindset in your people? Does it encourage people to really think and talk about how they feel and what they need to feel more engaged or might it feel like an organisational process that could never address their specific issues?

Work-Happy is designed for individuals, to encourage ownership and action at the individual level where true engagement lies.

Work happiness counts.

Why is this so important? Because happy people thrive. When they’re feeling their best, they give their best. They’re more loyal, more productive and off work less often – all in all, contributing to a more positive working environment. Making sure your people get what they need from work – keeping them happy – isn’t just the sign of a good employer. It’s a win-win.

“The realisation that I could do something about how I was feeling, felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I now feel much more in control of my work life and actually feel grateful for my job!

70% of employees feel disengaged today – and it’s not improving.