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Are you looking for increased engagement, wellbeing, accountability & performance?

Work-Happy brings together all the benefits of a range of applications into one engaging platform – from wellbeing and employee engagement to coaching.

It’s all possible.

Empowering individuals

Work-Happy offers a completely different approach to engaging your employees because it puts them in charge. Giving your people the responsibility for their own happiness at work, our platform empowers them to pinpoint what’s working, then to change what isn’t.

That makes it completely unique to each person. After all, one size could never fit all – anything above the individual level would only ever be the sort of broad-brush stroke that has failed for years.

Individual ownership of change.

Create a climate of ownership – where everyone is focused on changing one thing at a time to make work a better place to be.

Better performance conversations.

Structure better dialogue around the ‘how are you?’ question for individuals and managers in regular performance discussions.

A safe space.

Provide a safe and secure forum for your people to think about how they feel, without worrying about what others think.

96% told us they really enjoy using Work-Happy!